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January 2012                                                                

As we began to put together this report regarding the current cholera outbreak in Pestel, we realized that exactly one year ago, this was the title of the email we sent out informing you of the urgent situation in Haiti…and this year the story is much worse.  Since the outbreak in October of 2010, cholera has continued to be a problem and the World Health Organization anticipated the number of cases in Hispaniola (Haiti & Dominican Republic) to reach 500,000 before the end of 2011. To date, over 7000 deaths nationwide have been reported.


I am now on my way to Pestel with a truck loaded down with supplies for the three Cholera Treatment Centers we are setting up in this area. Thanks to the generosity of many, water, medicine, cots, tents, and other needed supplies are on their way to this region. We are going with heavy hearts, but at the same time, we are rejoicing at the goodness of God in giving us the opportunity to bring this help to those will die without it. Our location near the airport in Port-au-Prince has made us a prime location for the staging of supplies and personnel.  We are so blessed to be able to be in a position to offer this important service and bring these desperately needed supplies to this region.

The following information was given to me during a 3 hour interview with Dr. Philip Seneque who heads the clinic in Pestel…

Our two main problems regarding healthcare and treatment for those living in this area:

Lack of funds to hire nurses and community workers close to the infected areas. The sick cannot make the walk to Pestel. They die before reaching the clinic.

Lack of funds to purchase the necessary supplies.

The believed source of contamination: There is a spring near Desriveaux that the majority of people in this area get their water from and haul it long distances. Dr. Philip believes this is possibly the main source of infection. It is an isolated area hidden from the mainstream of people, therefore it is used as a bathroom area. Waste seeps into the existing water supply and the contaminated water is then hauled to other areas where there are known cases (Pavion).

Our Plan of Action: Set up three emergency stations (CTC – Cholera Treatment Centers). There have been at least 10 known deaths, 7 additional deaths possibly due to infection and of course there are undoubtedly many that go unreported. Many more will die without the immediate response of appropriate treatment, care and education.

Station 1 – Desriveaux - (29 cases found here and surrounding area) – This village is central to most infected areas. The local authorities have loaned us an empty house to use. There may be two government sponsored auxiliary nurses sent.

Station 2- Perla - This will cover surrounding villages of Marchon and Pavion. (We will be sending team members to this area to scout out and verify the situation there).

Station 3 – Tozia - (17 cases found here and surrounding area) – This area has two nurses, but no house for the clinic or supplies. We will use this area as a main receiving depot to truck all supplies, food and water to Pastor Leni’s church in Joli Guibert as a distribution point. Teaching stations will be set up for instruction on the necessity of boiling water and the use of Clorox or tablets for disinfecting the water supply.

We will need two nurses and one worker at all sites – Nurses would be $150 each, workers $100.

All sites will need supplies:

General supplies needed:  Medications & Medical Supplies needed:

40 each-cots, buckets, basins Cipro, Erythromycin suspension, Zofran

Sheets, blankets,  IV fluids & set ups

Towels, washcloths, Paper Gowns, gloves

Large garbage bags,  Rehydration packets

6 drums for water, Vitamins, Tylenol

6 boxes toilet paper

Liquid soap, Disinfectant

Hand sanitizer, Clorox

Tape, Markers, Notebooks

Water test kits

Food / Gatorade

Paper plates, cups, plastic ware

We have received discounted rates from a water supply company: 1500 large sacks, holding 60 water packets each, giving us 90,000 packets. The water will cost $1500, transport from PAP to Joli Guibert will cost $800. We will need local transportation along with our four-wheeled vehicle to transport water, medicine & supplies to the affected areas where we will set up the emergency stations. We are planning to take as much food as possible to give to the families coming to the clinics.  After this crisis passes, we will be meeting with the mayor and village leaders to discuss outhouse sanitation possibilities.

Dr. Philip is so grateful for the help that is on the way…we will be sending back reports after arriving there and assessing the situation.



Crisis In Pestel

Hello Everyone,

We are so grateful for all of the emergency stations that have been set up in the region of Pestel. These stations have saved lives as well as countless hours in travel. People in this area no longer have to travel the long distance to Pestel to receive medical help because they are able to get the care that they need in the facilities that we have established. There has been and continues to be a constant flow of cholera cases since our last trip, so another team of doctors and nurses will be going back up to Pestel. New Life has spent the past few days planning and gathering resources and necessities to bring back up to our clinics and to the sick people in Pestel. We have met with the World Health Organization and other health experts and are excited to cooperatively work hand in hand with them in the future. Although we are continuously in need of funds, due to the high demand of supplies, resources, transportation costs, and health care workers needed to staff our clinics, we want to deeply thank you for your continued prayers and support. It is very important for us to keep these stations open and supplied especially in the next few months. Missions like this could not be possible without you. Please designate donations to the cholera crisis fund and send them to our home office in Lake Worth, Florida, who will immediately get it to us in Haiti. 


Love and Blessings,

New Life Children's Home

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